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January 1st - Planks

Well seeing as how it's January 1st of a new year and I'm actually thinking about it, I am going to attempt to do the entire 366 pictures of the day. When possible, I'll write a (related) story to go with it. However sometimes I expect it will be enough just to get a picture posted. Today's picture is me doing planks. One of the Facebook groups that I'm in started a January challenge to do 10 burpees and 10 sit-ups every day for the rest of the month. I chose to substitute three sets of 60 second planks for the sit-ups. I also did the burpees this morning, and even had my daughter Joey join in. It was fun. I'm not one to do fitness type New Year's resolutions. But I did make some pretty good healthy lifestyle habit adjustments last year (although I didn't start until the end of January). I lost a little over 50 lb mainly through improved eating habits (I expect all right more about this in the coming year). But I did also go to the gym twice