Kids Fishing in Copperas Cove Texas

The little pond at Copperas Cove city park is due to be stocked with trout on the Saturday the 17th of February.  Lately my girls have been very interested in the idea of fishing, so this past weekend we stopped by for a little practice.  Unfortunately we didn't catch anything, but I think the girls still had a fun time.  That said, I am quite sure they'd enjoy it more if we catch something next time.  So dad decided to do a little research.

My first stop was at the Texas department of Parks & Wildlife website, where I find a nice little pdf for beginning fishermen (I fished quite a bit as a kid, but am a bit rusty to be a really good teacher to my girls just now).  Here's the link:

That does a pretty good job of covering all the basics. 

The next concern I had was bait, so I checked out this video (also on the website):

That definitely gave me some good ideas.  

Of course, since the pond is going to be stocked with small trout raised in a fishery, figuring out a good bait to catch them is my immediate concern.  After a bit more searching, it appears that I have arrived at the best answer for our situation ... Corn!  

This website provides some good tips: How to use Corn as Trout Bait

The thing that really clicked for me was the idea that these hatchery raised fish are already used to eating corn ... plus, me and my girls are probably not skillful enough to try to use lures, or even live bait.  So I plan to be out there with a can or two of corn.  Hopefully we catch at least one or two fish.  I'll be sure to post some pictures if we do.  

Any additional advice or guidance in the comments would be appreciated. 



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