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Oklahoma is not All Flat an Early Morning Walk Up Mount Scott

Who would have thought that Oklahoma would have mountains.  Okay, so they are not mountain like they have in Colorado, or even the mountains that I spent the past 2 1/2 years traipsing up and down in Arizona.  But the Wichita Mountain wildlife refuge does contain some significant hills, the tallest of which is Mount Scott at almost 2500' above ground level. The view looking back down the hill was quite nice I drove up to the top a couple of weeks ago, took a couple of pictures, then drove back down.  The view from my first trip up to the top of Mt. Scott in late January.   But this morning it was all about the walk.  It's just a little under 3 miles, but basically all uphill, then all downhill, no real flat spots along the way.  Also, it's a paved road, so you have to be on the lookout for cars going up and down.  That being said, it really wasn't a bad walk at all.   The views are great.  Especially since we were treated to some very interesting cl