How to Justify Backyard Weeds

So our back yard is not as nice as it probably could/should be. But hey, this is Texas, I seriously doubt we were ever going to have a lush green lawn, living in a place that seems to be in a state of perpetual drought. That said, I'd think I'd prefer that the weeds not take over either.

Except ...

The girls LOVE Flowers. Doesn't matter if they come from "acceptable" flowering plants, or just your average weed.

yellow flowers

look at my flowers

... and if they find em in the backyard, you better believe they're gonna pick em.

One of these days I'll get out there to kill all the "bad" flowers, and maybe even plant a real garden for them to admire (and let's be honest, probably destroy). But in the mean time, the girls are happy with the flowers we do have, and daddy gets to feel slightly justified in his laziness. lol, seriously, they Like the weeds ... as long as they have flowers. ;-)

Keep havin FuN!


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