Do You Have a Commissary Rewards Card?

Coupons loaded digitally onto a card. Sounds like they did this for us guys. I'll be honest, when I go shopping, while I'm not opposed to using coupons, I'm normally not willing to go to any extra effort to collect them.

lol, I'm the dude who is proud about the $.75 I just saved on my $257 worth of groceries. :-)

Yesterday I stopped by the Fort Hood Army Wives expo, where my wife was volunteering. One of the tables was set up by DECA (Defense Commissary Agency). We were drawn by the offer of free candy for the kids, but while I was there they also gave me one of these Rewards cards.

It just so happens that I need to go food shopping today, so this morning I sat down and registered my card. It was pretty easy, I just entered my information and the number from the back of the card. After my account was set up, it brought me to a page full of e-coupons. I "clipped" the ones I was interested in, and apparently they've been loaded onto my card. I guess we'll find out in an hour or two how well it worked.

I will warn you, there wasn't a really big selection of coupons. I only found two that I wanted to use. Buy hey, it's $1.60 that I'm going to save, while only expending a couple of minutes of my time ... worthwhile enough that I'll plan to log onto the from now on before I head to the store.

If you have a military ID card, and don't have one of these Rewards cards yet, Todd's Tip would be to get on before your next commissary trip. ;-)

Keep havin FuN!


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