Why Do Little Kids Love Bandaids?

The girls fall down pretty much every day walking home. Today was no different. They like like to pick flowers, pick up rocks, and chase butterflies as we walk across the big field near the school. Of course this means they're not always looking where they're going. Jaiden was the first to fall, but it was a minor spill, and she popped right up with barely a whimper.

Until we reached the other side of the field and crossed the road ...

Joey tripped on the curb and skinned her knee enough that there was a little drop of blood. Before she could start getting too upset, I offered that the cut looked bad enough to need a bandaid when we get home. The stopped the boo boo in it's tracks, she was happily down the sidewalk in search of more flowers.

Meanwhile ...

Jaiden now has a really hurt look on her face, and is closely examining her wrist to see if there's any blood ... and obviously disappointed that it appears to be a totally blood free scrape. Just before I'm quite certain she's about to break into tears, I let her know that yes, she can have a bandaid too.

All is again right with the world.

lol, from a marketing perspective, can you imagine an easier product to sell? Seriously, little kids actually want to bleed just so they can have a bandaid. Slap a Hello Kitty or Sponge Bob design on there, and they'll cover themselves with a whole box full of bandages if their parents leave it anywhere within reach.

How did we develop such a love affair with this little piece of padded adhesive? Through 20 years, and 7 kids, I've yet to have one who doesn't "suffer" from this "addiction".

Any thoughts?

Keep havin FuN!

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