Weather Girls

I'm such a responsible dad. At the first sign of an approaching thunderstorm, instead of telling my girls that they need to come inside, I simply grab my camera, and make them part of the shot. :-)

Weather Girls 2
Reporting live from our backyard .. we expect rain & hail any minute now!

Rest assured though, they were (relatively) safe the whole time, and actually had fun trying to stand up in the wind gusts. At first I was just out in the backyard taking picture of sky. I was using a 17mm Tokina lens on my Canon 20D, so I could get some nice wide shots of approaching thunderstorms. But then when I saw the girls jumping on the trampoline, I decided to try to include them in the pictures. I really like the depth of the shot with the wide angle lens. lol, and my little models definitely made it more than just another ominous sky picture ... Joey my youngest looking like one of those crazy weather channel reporters, broadcasting from the teeth of the storm. :-)

I think for the rest of the spring, she's going to be my "storm chasing" partner.

Keep havin FuN!

p.s. this thunderstorm happened back in January. It's pretty nice in Texas today. ;-)


  1. Todd,
    What an awesome picture and two awesome girls. But there's one thing I do have to say is you are a very "daring" awesome Dad.
    If those were my kids I would have been dragging them in the house as fast as possible due to the fact of the strong winds and the storm. I will have to say, sometimes you amaze me at the things you do, LOL :) Especially this one.
    Through the strong winds and scary, I will say this is a very awesome picture and two awesome cute trusting girls.
    I'm glad you shared this with me and happy they and you are safe and happy. Please share more with me, but make the others NOT so scary, :)
    Take care and keep having fun.

  2. lol ... yea, I'm a great daring dad :-)

  3. Todd,
    "Great daring Dad"!! Sounds more to me like a "great, scary Dad" LOL :) But I will have to give you credit for getting the job done (pictures made) on time to get the girls in before they got blown away by the strong winds.
    Take care and be sure to always remember to time the strong winds, thunder and lightning. :)
    From your friend Cille to my "scary, daring friend"!!


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