The Best Camera Is The One You Have With You

I almost didn't have time for a "picture of the day" yesterday. Fortunately, as I was driving Johnathan home from school, we got stopped at train crossing. Since I had my Nexus S smart phone in my pocket, I decided this was a good opportunity to get my daily picture.

This is the result ...


I kind of like it.

Possibly could have been better if I'd had my Canon in the car. But then, would I have had the right lens on it? If I have the opportunity to plan my picture taking, obviously I'm going to bring my "real" camera. But let's be honest, for the majority of good picture opportunities that I may randomly come across, my best chance of capturing them will be with my smart phone.

So, I'm glad it's at least "capable".


What camera do you take most of your pictures with?


  1. Hi Todd,
    Thanks for sharing the awesome picture with me. Great picture. I don't see how it could have been a much better picture taken with another camera. Where was the picture made? What school does Jonathan go to? Is he still in high school or college and is he your son or Ana's. Post a picture of him sometimes.
    Beautiful view of train and I love all the view you covered in the picture. Couldn't have been much better that I can tell. The picture covers a very large view of what you were shooting for.
    I normally carry my smart phone with me everywhere I go thus getting most of my pictures with it. It's a lot easier to carry and I always have it with me in my car. And since I don't take as many pictures as you, knowing me, I would leave without a camera at all. I love my smart takes awesome pictures.
    Thanks again for sharing this with me.
    Keep taking those awesome pictures and posting/sending them to me.
    Take care,


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