I Really Want A Macro Lens

For as long as I've had a dSLR I've always wished I had a Macro lens. In fact, specifically, I really want the Tamron 90mm Macro lens. Funny thing is, as lenses go, it's not even that expensive so I'm not totally sure why I don't already have one.

I suppose it probably comes down to the fact that it's not a lens that I've ever really "needed" ... it's always been much more of a want. I've heard that in addition to macro use, the Tamron also works really well as a portrait lens. But between my Canon baby L 70-200, and a sharp Tamron 28-75, I think got portrait range pretty well covered.

Over the years, I've actually had relatively good luck shooting macro type scenes using a long zoom lens, such as my Sigma 50-500 "Bigma". But obviously it's not ideal. I want to be able to get right up there next to the bugs. ;-)

Here are a couple of shots I took today with my Canon 70-200 F4L. They're not bad, but don't quite have the level of detail I expect I'd be able to get with a real macro lens.



I don't think any new lenses are in my Christmas budget ... with 7 kids to buy for, there's rarely much left over for dad. But who knows, if I have a good spring, maybe by my birthday in March that 90mm will be in the cards.

Keep havin FuN!


  1. Turns out there was an additional lesson in this post. Although it was totally not my intention when I wrote it, apparently sometimes just asking for something is the first step towards actually getting it. I wrote this post on Wednesday, and on Friday evening a package showed up at the front desk of my hotel with a brand new Tamron 90mm Macro lens ... and I didn't buy it. :-)


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