That's Not Justin Bieber On Your Shirt

Jaiden turned 4 today, so we figured it was time to tell her the truth about one of her favorite sleep shirts ...

Keep havin FuN!


  1. I think this is the guy that I call my Scent-Sations sponsor for 10 years :). He's a nice guy and loves to be a weather forecaser in the Air Force.

    We love you dude!!


  2. Happy Birthday Jaiden. So you're 4 years old now and getting to be a big girl. Your little sister seems to like your Justin Bieber shirt too. Maybe you can share it with her when in a year or so.

    She's a cutie just like you. Daddy loves his girls very much as we all can tell when reading his blog. I love reading all about you girls through your Daddy. Tell him to keep them coming.

    Stay sweet as you are now!!!

    Love you!

    Ms. Cille


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