National Flip Flop Day


Holy cow, I didn't even know there was a national flip flop day. But now that I do, I'm definitely celebrating it. As long as it's warn enough outside, I wear flip flops almost everywhere I go. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I lived nearly 1/3 of my life in Hawaii, where it's almost acceptable to wear your "slippahs" even to a fancy restaurant.

Or maybe I just like getting a little sun on my toes.

Either way, if it's summer, spring or fall, you're probably going to find me wearing shorts and a pair of flip flops anytime I'm out and about. :-)

Keep havin FuN!


  1. Flip Flop Day!!! I didn't know there was a "flip flop day" either....thanks for sharing that. Everyday in spring, summer and fall are flip flop and shorts day for me as well.

    Love the comfy of this. Thanks for sharing and have a great "short", "flip flop" day!!



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