My Pretty In Pink Girls

Mom had an appointment this morning, so the girls were hanging with dad (note: I've been told it's not "babysitting", because they're my kids). I had a bit of running around to do myself, so we kept the van, and made our way about town for a couple of hours.

The first stop was the Killeen airport, where we went to see Capt. Hock return from Afghanistan. The flight came in early, so everybody was already at the luggage claim by the time we arrived. We stayed for 29 minutes .. I know this because when we left the parking lot, the girl commented that we'd just barely saved our buck (parking is free for < 30 minutes). Before we left though, I had to get my first picture of the day ... if for no other reason than to prove that the girls don't always look like hobos when I dress them. ;-)

Everybody was really good at the airport. They played with each other, sang and danced a little, but no fights or crying at all. I'd love to say that I have some brilliant parenting secret to share, but the truth is, I bribed them with the promise of ice cream ...

Again, we were in and out of Mickey D's in about 25 minutes. I did treat myself to an ice cream cone, but seeing as how it was lunch time, and I was hungry, it could have been much (ie Big Mac) worse. The girls, as you can see above, quite enjoyed their cones .. Jaiden even ended up with a pretty good chocolate mustache.

The last stop was at the Copperas Cove city park, to see the ducks. We almost didn't make it beyond the parking lot, as in addition to ducks, there are also some (apparently very hungry) geese. I called this video "geese attack", although in truth they didn't attack us .. just scared Jaiden a little.


Eventually we made it around to a "safer" location, and the girls actually had a good time checking out the ducks ...

Then it was home to swim in the pool.

How was your Saturday?



  1. Todd, looks like you and your three girls are having a fun day as they explore the ducks and geese and time out for some yummy ice cream too :.

    I'm sure they had fun cooling off in the pool once they got home.

    It was a very hot day here so I spent most of my time inside where it's cool.

    Keep having fun with the grow up sooo soon.


  2. Todd, btw, Happy Father's Day today....almost forgot that one :). Have fun with the girls and make them treat you to a great day.


  3. Thanks Cille! .. I hope you have a fun day too :-)


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