Surprise Welcome Home From Afghanistan

Ok, so it's not some elaborate set-up worthy of that Welcome Home tv show, but I still thought it was a neat idea when my wife Ana suggested that my 19 year old son Justin pick me up from the airport so that I could surprise my daughters by knocking on the front door. Justin recorded the event with my phone.

This is the result:

My little peanut (aka Joey) got over her confusion pretty quickly. By later that afternoon, I was getting hugs and kisses pretty much on request .. and they continue a week later. I got a couple of weeks off to get settled in. The main "event" we have planned, is lots of swimming in the back yard pool.

Til next time ...



  1. Todd,
    Thanks for sharing this with me. How awesome and sweet children to be surprised by a knock on door and see their Daddy home once again. So cute of Joey (little peanut) being shy from what she considered her Daddy to be a stranger at the door. Not taking long for her to get over it, made Daddy a Happy Camper :).
    CONGRATULATIONS on your safe arrival home!! Everyone is happy to have you back....including all your friends and Scent-Sations distributors.


  2. Hi Cille!

    Thanks for the welcome home .. happy to be here. (I fixed your website link) :-)

  3. Hi Todd!

    Very welcome for the welcome home, Todd. I can imagine how happy you are to be home with family. Thanks so much for fixing my website are so kind and helpful :).



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