Something Hairy at Home

New Puppies It seems like every time I go away on a "military sponsored vacation" we end up with new dogs in our house. Mind you, they don't always stay for long. But my wife Ana seems to be a magnet for dogs that are either "lost", or have owners who will be taking vacations.

Like I said, most end up moving on to bigger and better places, after their temporary pit stop at the Morris house. However, it just struck me as odd that new dogs (especially puppies) only seem to show up on our doorstep when I'm away.

So I asked my wife about it ...

Well apparently, even when I'm not gone, she has friends begging her to dog sit. But she almost always turns them down, because:

I already have something hairy at home that can get on my nerves:-)

I suppose that's what I get for asking. ;-)

Keep havin FuN!



  1. Todd,

    LOL at the hairy dogs (puppies) showing up on your doorsteps when you're away. Maybe it gets lonely there when you're gone,,,,,so Ana and kids need something to take your place while you are gone !!! :)

    Hope they don't get too attached to the little hairy/furry pups so they won't be hard to get rid of when Daddy gets home.

    Take Care!!



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