Daddy Dressed Me

Unhappy Toddler

This unhappy toddler picture is from back when Jaiden was about 2. She doesn't appear to be a happy camper .. I wonder why?

I didn't do it ... It wasn't me. :-)



  1. Todd,

    "I didn’t do it … It wasn’t me."
    Sitting here wondering....who did? LOL Me thinks You did!! Come on and admit it, I think it's a darling picture.

    Until next time....


  2. Honestly, if I remember correctly, Jaiden found those socks all by herself. :-)

  3. Oh really....haha ha....who put them on her? :) Whoever did, she isn't a happy camper right now. Anyway, I think it's cute!!!


  4. Poor kid... But she is so adoooooooorable!!!

  5. Hahaha! fun to see your kid wearing those clothes. You are the one who dressed up her? But she's so cute!


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