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My Last Military "Vacation"

In 2 weeks or so, I'll be about halfway through my current deployment to Afghanistan. (.. and the crowd Cheers!) After over 22 years in the Air Force, this will be my last "vacation" or "camping trip" .. depending on whether you want to use my wife Ana's or 3-year old daughter Jaiden's euphemism. I'm not retiring just yet. But once I get back to Fort Hood in May, I'll definitely be on the downward glidepath. In the mean-time, I really don't have much to complain about ... For some reason I keep getting sent to relatively "quiet" locations for these "vacations". Seriously, the next time I expect to wear my body armor or helmet is on the plane ride home. This time I've got a rather nice view ... the picture above was taken right outside my tent door. That's part of the Hindu Kush mountain range. I live in a tent ... but I have a sleeping bag, several warm blankets, and the whole thing has a "climate cont