How To Do A Proper Google Search

I firmly believe that there are at least two things we should definitely be teaching our kids in school (and/or at home):

  1. Critical Thinking - How to process information, objectively sort and weigh value, then apply it to given situations.

  2. How to most effectively Search Google - Now-a-days, you really don't have to memorize much ... if you know how to get the most out of modern technology. Google (and other search engines) contain a vast wealth of information. But they're also filled with an ever increasing load of distracting garbage. Being able to quickly find what you're really looking for is becoming a skill unto itself. The infographic below contains some good tips for improving that skillset ...

infographic source:


  1. Whilst I agree that knowing how to use 'refine your googling' is a useful skill to teach kids today, I also would add some teaching about how to use the internet safely and how to protect your identity and privacy. That ties in with the first point you wrote about 'critical thinking'. For my personal taste Google knows already far too much about us all ...


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