Mommy Is A Naturalized Citizen

Ana Morris is now a U.S. citizen. On September 26th, we all took a trip down to the Lyndon B. Johnson library auditorium at the University of Texas in Austin. There, along with a couple hundred other immigrants from 76 countries, we sat through a nice hour long presentation, that culminated in the oath of citizenship.

I had intended to take a few more pictures, but if you've ever tried to keep an 18 month old quiet and still for a whole hour, in an auditorium full of people, you'll understand why I didn't use my camera more. ;-)

Here are a few of my favorites from the pictures I did take:



  1. I was lucky in the old day in New Zealand - you filled in the form - and got the citizenship cert back in the registered mail! Apparently we now do the "American" thing and you have to turn up to swear allegiance! I find it annoying, and a little scary that we more and more emphasis the us and them of pledging allegiance to any country - for most immigrants the passport is just a "ship of convenience". Hell I'm an Australian, NZer, Pom -depending on who's winning the rugby!


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