My Car Got Rear Ended


Well that was a fun afternoon.

Earlier today, I had to pop home real quick to grab some paperwork that I needed to take over to the Soldier's Center on Fort Hood. There's a traffic light at the corner of FM-116 and Lutheran Church Road, where I make a left to get to my house. When I arrived at the intersection, the light was green, but there was traffic coming the other direction, so I couldn't turn right away. I'd been sitting there for about 5-10 seconds, when I glanced up at the rear-view mirror and noticed a car coming up behind me "a bit" quicker than it should have been going. I thought to myself (and may have even said outloud):

Crap, he's gonna hit me

... and hit me he did.

I was pushed forward into the intersection, and slightly to my left (towards the oncoming traffic). Fortunately, I was able to steer back to the right a little bit, and the 1st car coming the other way was able to slow and veer onto the shoulder ... so no other cars were involved.

Even though I got hit hard enough that my seat broke, the mirror came down, and my radio popped right out of the dash, I was able to climb right out, and really don't feel any worse than I did at this time yesterday.

The kid in the other car appeared to be about 17 or 18 years old. His front airbags both deployed, so he was having some pains in his chest area. An ambulance was called, but after examining the boy, they didn't feel it was necessary to transport him.

All-in-all, it could have been Much worse.

... and in that context, oddly, I'm almost glad that he hit me.

Had he seen my little red car soon enough to try to swerve around me, he almost certainly would have collided head-on with one of the oncoming cars ... in which case, I would have an entirely different, and probably much sadder story to tell here.

Did I mention that I really, really don't like this particular intersection?

Just since we decided to buy our house a couple of months ago, there have been at least 3 previous accidents (that I know about) at just about the same spot where I got hit. One, about 6 weeks ago cost a 16 year old girl her life. Talking to the police officer at the scene of my collision, apparently the traffic light that was installed in June appears to have made the intersection More Dangerous.

Then, one of the guys at the repair shop knew exactly which intersection I was talking about, before I even told him the exact street names ... and worse, he knew the girl who was killed. He told me that there's some controversy surrounding that light. The original TEXDOT plans called for a turn lane, and signal. But then when the project was taken over by Coryell County, the turn lane was eliminated.

... probably to save a few bucks.

In the end, I feel like I got away from this fairly lightly.

My poor car is most likely totaled. But at least nobody was seriously injured (or worse) this time.

And hey, the way this one ended, tomorrow is almost guaranteed to be a better day for me. ;-)



  1. Been there, done that. I read somewhere that rear-end collisions account for over half of all traffic accidents and usually because the other party is following too closely or not paying attention. When you consider how dangerous cars are due to the velocity, you'd think people would be way more careful.

    Unfortunately, that's not the case. People get into this comfort zone and think they'll never have a problem, instead of being intensely alert to conditions, like they should be.

  2. Hey RT,

    It was a teenage kid ... I'm not terribly shocked that he wasn't paying attention.

    Strangely though (and maybe I'll feel different tomorrow), I'm way more relieved (that it didn't turn out worse) than mad.

    Hopefully the young man learns a valuable lesson. And hopefully I'm able to find another inexpensive and reliable little car.

    In the end, shiitake happens .. right?

  3. That is crazy. That same day my gf got rear-ended at a red light but a very young 20 some going way to fast. Thankfully her car wasn't totalled but still a major inconvenience. Glad that you and the other person are ok.

  4. Hi Josh,

    Glad to hear that your girl friend is ok too. Definitely an inconvenience ... but the one semi-decent thing about having the car totaled is that at least I get to go car shopping, maybe as soon as this weekend .. as opposed to waiting a couple of weeks for it to get fixed. For some inexplicable reason, I didn't have rental car reimbursement coverage on that car ... really dumb, since it only adds like $2 a month to the bill.

  5. Their insurance should cover that. The same thing happened to Lindsay and her agent told her to inform the other company that they needed to reimburse her on that.

  6. I was rear ended last month, luckily i was ok, but what surprised me was the number of lawyers who started contacting me with in hours of the accident trying to sign me up to sue the other party.

    Gland you were both ok.

  7. That was a scary experience. I am glad that things didn't turn out as you had imagined. Young drivers are really aggressive. I am glad that the driver learned his lesson and he was lucky that he only got a minor injury.


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