Do You Support Local Small Business?

Ace Hardware Copperas Cove Texas

As new homeowners, we're continually discovering things we need. As such, I've found myself at the Ace Hardware store down the road more than a few times lately. I even went ahead and signed up for the Ace Rewards card. As much as I'd like to think that I specifically went to this small, locally owned hardware store because Copperas Cove is now my home town; the honest truth is that Ace is 5 minutes from my house, while Lowe's and Home Depot are "all the way" over in Killen (at least 20 minutes away).

Even admitting that my intentions weren't entirely pure, I still find myself feeling somewhat proud and happy about supporting a small business here in town. Don't get me wrong, we still run down to Walmart for quite a few things, and we still get most of our food from HEB, or the Commissary on post. However, if we have the opportunity to support a small business, and all thing are nearly equal (I realize we'll probably pay a bit more), I certainly plan to make the effort.

Right now, about the easiest way to do this, besides going to Ace, on one of those few occasions when we go out to eat, there are a couple of good restaurants here in Cove ... my favorite being Giovani's. Maybe as I find some time, and start writing more about Cove, I'll actually write some review posts here on the blog.

So how about you?

What are some of the ways that you try to support small businesses in your town?

And what are some of the situations where you'd like to, but find that it's just too inconvenient and/or expensive?



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