What Do You Drink After A Workout?

Rockstar Energy Drink

I decided to try a different energy drink today. After I got done exercising at PT, I swung by the shoppette to grab some caffeine .. preferably in liquid form. Normally, I'd just go for some Diet Mtn Dew, or maybe an Amp, but today (partially because it was on sale), I decided to try a Rockstar Recovery.

It met my first two personal requirments for an energy drink:

  1. Caffeine - 80mg

  2. Low, or No Calories - 10 in this case

But then the real test .. what was it going to taste like? I don't know about you, but I think some energy drinks are just nasty. You know, the funny aftertaste that's left in your mouth after every sip?

I'm happy to report that this particular drink has an interesting grape flavor. It tastes pretty good going down. That being said, I'm not terribly sure about how it's sitting in my stomach. Maybe I just need to eat ...

Where the heck did I leave those Clif Bars?

Apparently these particular Rockstars have some extra ingredients that help replenish my electrolytes .. maybe helping to offset the dehydrating effects of the caffeine? I don't know. In any case, I think I'll probably plan to drink some water for the rest of the morning.

Ok, shifting gears a bit ...

So, what do you think about the picture?

This is the third day of my new picture project. Another random shot, taken with my Nexus S phone. Seriously, I was just sitting at my desk, looking at the drink sitting in front of me, and thought to myself: "hmmm, I wonder if that would make a cool picture of the day?".

After a bit of editing in PicSay Pro ... I used the "Faux HDR" and the "Edge Lens Filter" effects ... I kind of like the way it turned out. I wonder what's going to catch my eye tomorrow?

Til then ... keep havin FuN!


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