Jaiden Wants The Purple Fish

So I made the mistake of letting Jaiden see the Beta fish when we were in Walmart the other day. She's had a fish before, a goldfish, but unfortunately that experiment didn't end well. Now-a-days, if you were to ask Jaiden where something goes when it dies, her answer would most likely be: "flush it down the toilet".

One of my friends online warned me that it was kind of cruel to put a goldfish in a bowl, with no filtration system. I suppose she was right. That said, the goldfish was one of those 20 cent guys, who's fate, if we hadn't bought him, was to be fed to a larger fish anyway. So I don't feel all that guilty.

This time we prepared slightly better. After I heard "I want the purple fish" for about the 5th time before we'd even left the aisle, I knew it would be wise to stop and look at the "tanks". We still didn't get a full on fish tank. But at least this little plastic jobbie does have an undergravel filter, one of those air bubbles, and a light .. not bad for $10.

Anyhow, as you can probably guess, the very next time Jaiden was in Walmart with mommy, she immediately asked about "the purple fish". I don't know, I guess mommy was in a good mood, because when they got home, they had a purple Beta, and the little tank.

I can't guarantee that this fish won't eventually see the swirling waters of the toilet bowl too. But it's been three days so far, and he still seems to be fairly lively. So far so good. Hopefully Jaiden will have the opportunity to learn some different lessons with this pet. ;-)



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