Throw Away Clothes?

Wouldn't it be cool if clothes shopping was more like grocery shopping? We'd make a weekly list of what we need, check the sales pages of the local paper, then head off to our favorite stores to stock up on the "ingredients" for our upcoming "wardrobe menu".

Now I'm sure there are several potential drawbacks to my plan .. I can think of a few right now .. but we're not gonna go there .. because that's not what this post is about. ;-)

You see, for me, the major upside of "throw away clothes" drowns out any drawbacks; big time ... No Laundry!!!

Yes, I'm not a fan of Ye Olde washer and dryer .. or more specifically what comes out of the washer and dryer ... namely clothes that needs to be folded and put away .. blah.

Yea, yea, I know I could just take our clothes to a laundry service, and pay someone else to wash and fold our stuff. But why ruin a good old fashioned irrational fantasy with common sense alternative solutions?

LOL, wow, reading that sentence again, boy am I one old boring guy ... to publicly call the idea of having no laundry a "fantasy"

Anyhow, moving on ...

This is actually something that I've thought about for quite a while now. It's one of my super silly measuring sticks for determining how far down the road to financial freedom I have traveled. I don't need fancy cars, big screen TVs, or a swimming pool in the back yard to feel relatively "rich" (although, all of those things would be nice).

Nope, I'll know for sure that my bank account is in good shape when these three things can happen any time I want them to:

  1. Throw away clothes - as discussed above.

  2. Eat Out for Every Meal - and not fast food either. I'm talking sit down, healthy food, that's cooked and served by someone else .. and when we're done, the dishes are taken away and washed.

  3. and last, but not least ...

  4. "Real" Furniture - I'll truly know that my ship has arrived when every new piece of furniture that enters my house has already been put together by SOMEONE ELSE!

So now you know about me. What are some of your silly criteria for knowing when you're doing well financially?

Keep havin FuN!


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