Things You Can Do When You're Two

playing in the backyard pool

Of the many things that you can pretty much only get away with when you're a toddler, running around naked in the back yard probably ranks pretty high. And as you can see, in todays picture of the day, Jaiden is taking full advantage of the privilege. She mainly gets away with this when I'm around, as mom's a party pooper and makes her wear clothes. ;-)

I think this desire to run around naked probably comes from my side of the family anyway. Not that I personally have any desire to run around without clothes on ... wouldn't want to scare the neighbors or anything. But thinking back, my other kids also had a bit of a phobia about staying dressed when they were this age. Starting with my oldest ...

When Justin was about 2 years old, we lived in Opp Alabama. During that first spring/summer there, Justin would go out in the back yard pretty much every day. He'd go out the sliding back door, head directly over to the other porch, shed all of his clothes, and proceed to run around and play in the back yard, buck naked for the next 2-3 hours.

It did have a funny side effect too ...

Our next door neighbor worked at a clothes factory, and used to bring us bags of shorts, shirts and sweats all the time. We thought she was just being a really nice neighbor .. which was the truth .. but a few months later, once we'd gotten to know her a bit better, we found out that the real reason she was bringing us the clothes, is because she thought we were too poor to afford any ... since they rarely saw Justin dressed.

One of my other daughters, Jordan, wasn't much better. When she was this age, we lived in Hawaii .. which was fortunate, since the ONLY type of clothes that Jordan would wear was a bikini. Again, it was an entirely appropriate outfit for the setting ... until she started insisting on taking off the top all the time ... then when she started swinging around the pole of the car cover in our driveway, one night during a neighborhood cookout/beer drinking events ... after we all stopped laughing ... let's just say it was decided right then and there that we'd probably needed to monitor this one's taste in clothing (or lack thereof) as she grew older.

I'm happy to report that both Jordan and Justin have grown up to be well adjusted (and fully clothed) teenagers, so you'll probably understand when I tell you that I'm not too worried when Jaiden or Joey decide they'd "prefer not to have tan lines" on their little baby butts ... they'll grow out of it.

Actually, that might be a question to end this post with ...

At what age do you think kids are too old to run around without any clothes on?



  1. Thank for sharing your blog, I'm a father of two siblings and I really love to play with them. Being a father we have to take so much time with our kids. I donno how to answers that question lol.

  2. Do Justin and Jordan know that you blogged about them? Those blissfully unselfconscious days are over - and as the parent of "kids" aged 22 and 15, I'm tempted to ask what on earth J and J did to deserve this...

    But as a mom, I wish "unselfconscious" would last just a little bit longer than it does. They leave the Garden of Eden all too soon.

  3. Hi Holly,

    Yes, they both know .. I'm really evil .. I tagged them on Facebook when I posted the link to this article. Justin deleted it from his wall, but Jordan laughed, and we had a nice PM conversation about other things she did when she was little. I think I've raised well enough adjusted kids, that I can get away with teasing them a little bit .. especially about stuff that happened when they were 2. Now, teasing them about the "silly" things they might be doing today .. that would not be good parenting on my part .. which means it's a good thing I don't do it .. too often ;-)


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