Soles For Souls Shoe Drive

soles for souls donation box

One of the Airmen who works for me at the 3rd Weather Squadron, here at Fort Hood, found out about this charity called Soles for Souls, that donates shoes to people in need. They take everything from brand new shoes, to even those that have been worn for a while. About 3 weeks ago, SrA Wagner put a box in our break room, and made a couple of announcements during Thursday training. I'm not sure, but I think she's taken one box away, and even if she didn't, looking at the picture above, it appears as though we've collected at least a few pairs of nice running shoes.

It's quite possible that many people in our squadron are procrastinators like me, and know they have some shoes/boots that don't get worn any more, but just haven't gotten around to bringing them in to work yet. That's my excuse any way. :-)

I'll definitely be brining a few pairs in to work tomorrow or Thursday.

Even if you're not here at Fort Hood with us, you can still get involved, and help if you want ... just check out the Soles for Souls webpage for options.

lol .. and I hope you liked my picture of the day.

Til next time ...



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