Saving Money On My T-Mobile Bill

Wow, that was easy!

So I've been a t-mobile customer for a little over 6 years now. And even more amazingly, I think I've had the same 1000 minute family plan for almost that entire time. Recently, I decided it was time to make a few changes to the communications set-up here in the Morris household.

Ironically, this decision was driven primarily by a dramatic rise in my monthly Time Warner Cable bill .. not really anything to do with my T-Mobile phone service. We started out with one of those bundles, that give you TV/Internet/Phone for one low price .. and of course you don't pay attention to the fine print that tells you what the monthly charge will really be once the promotion ends.

The gist of it is, I decided to ditch the VOIP phone service from the cable company; so I needed to look into increasing the amount of shared minutes on our family cell phone plan.

This morning, (after I cleaned up the house a bit .. being mother's day and all) I pulled out my trusty Nexus S, dialed 611, and about 3 minutes later was speaking to David about a few of the plans that I had just been looking at on the T-Mobile website. Originally, I was thinking that we'd go with an unlimited plan. However, I found one that seemed even more intriguing. 3000 minutes, plus unlimited texting, for what appeared to be less than I was currently paying. This is why I called .. to be sure.

It turned out to be even better than that ...

Not only do I now have three times as many minutes, still with unlimited family texting; but I was also able to add unlimited Internet to my daughter Haley's phone, plus still keep it on mine, Ana's and my son Justin's phones.

And in total, it's going to cost me ...

About $25 LESS than what I've currently been paying.

Goes to prove the old axiom that sometimes It Just Doesn't Hurt to Ask!.

I wish I could report things went just as well with Time Warner (who I've been with for 10 years).

I signed into their website, and couldn't for the life of me figure out how much I'm even paying now for each individual service .. let alone figure out if they have any newer promotions that I might be able to take advantage of. No problem, they've got a "live chat" button, so I initiated a chat with Anthony ...

He verified some details with me, such as my zip code.

Then suggested that I "look at the website" to see if there were any deals ... you know, that same website that contained the chat button I had to click to talk to him ... ugh.

After a bit more back and forth, he told me that I'll have to physically go in to the local Time Warner office if I want to find out about discounts or promotions.

Something tells me that I'm also going to be stopping at the Century Link (Internet) and Direct TV stores tomorrow too.

update: In fairness to Time Warner ... today when I called the local office and told them that I was thinking about switching to Century Link and Direct TV because my bill had gone up so much in the last couple of months, the guy put me on hold for about 10 minutes, then came back to tell me that he could knock us back down to the $99 promotional rate that we started with 2 years ago. In all honesty, I probably still don't need the home phone ... but as long as I'm not really paying "extra" for it, it's no big deal.

Oh well, back to the good stuff ...

I'm very pleased with myself for the cell phone thing. And I will continue to recommend T-mobile to anyone who's interested (mainly because of the great customer service). Not sure what's going to happen if the AT&T deal goes through. But for now, they can count me as a Very Happy Customer.

update: So the score for 2 phone calls that took in total about 25 minutes of my time, is I'll be saving somewhere between $60-$90 on my communications/entertainment services ... while getting more ... not a bad use of my time, if I do say so myself. :-)

Keep havin FuN!


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