I Know Goldfish Don't Live Very Long ...

goldfish in a bowl

But, you'd think we'd at least get it home from the store.

Jaiden has been bugging us to get a fish for months now. So today, when they were at Walmart, Ana finally gave in and bought her a $.38 gold fish. She also picked up a small bowl, water conditioner, and some food.

Because they had a few more stops to make, she put the little container with the fish in the cup holder between the seats, so that Jaiden could admire her new prize. As they're driving along, Jaiden is going on and on about her new fish. At one point she suggested that it would be really fun to bring the fish in the bath with her. Of course mommy explained to her why that wouldn't be a good idea .. because the fish would probably die.

Fast forward about 10-15 minutes later ...

The fish was floating at the top of the cup. It died anyway .. with no help from a bathing toddler.

So, it was then time for a bit of "daddy to the rescue".

I got on the Internet, and found a "real" pet store in Copperas Cove: Fins & Flowers Pet Shop

Gave them a quick call to make sure they were open, and headed that way after work.

The lady who works there was real helpful. She even picked out a fish that she thought a 2 years old girl might like the best. It only cost $.20 for the fish .. but I also got some anti-chlorine drops ... mainly so I wouldn't feel guilty about using my debit card (I never have cash).

My picture of the day above, is of Jaiden, and our neighbor Cooper admiring the newly released goldfish #2.

He/She doesn't have an actually name yet, but the way things are going, that might not be a bad thing. If this one survives until morning, we can always name it then. ;-)



  1. Todd, this fish needs a bigger enclosure, plants, company and eventual even a water filter, if not, chances are good that it also will day soon! These gold fish bowl should be made illegal, there are nothing else then animal cruelty, far too less space and if the water gets too warm, far too less oxygen also, that is most probably why your first fish died, SY

  2. The first fish never even made it into the bowl .. it died in the car on the way home. This one may end up being the "first" fish actually in our house ... in which case he will eventually move to nicer digs .. with plants, filters and other fish. Until then, I promise to monitor the water conditions in the bowl closely.

  3. Interesting!

    We switched to fish from the pet store, too, after some Walmart fatalities.

  4. Aww! I love fishes too. I have two gold fishes right now and i bought them last year. It's a good thing they were able to survive even if they are not in an aquarium. I placed them in a fish bowl. I don't know what keeps them alive because they say gold fish does not live that long but am glad they are still here. I had a fighting fish once, named viola, i also put her in the fish bowl but sadly, she did not last that long. She was only alive for 3 months... but i guess that's quite long enough.

  5. They're great beginner pets for younger ones though. They're very cheap and allow your children to care for a small being of life. I think it really helps them. Not to mention it looks nice around the house :P


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