Helping Jasmine Make A Parrot Habitat

parrot habitat in a box

One of my major "dad" jobs is helping the kids with school projects. This afternoon, Jasmine and I made a parrot habitat. I'm pretty sure this was her final project for the year. She was excited about it .. it's all she's talked about for the past 3 or 4 days. So finally, this afternoon when I got home from work, we put it together.

We started with a shoe box.

Then she had to decide what sort of creature she wanted to make: A Parrot

What kind of Habitat does it live in: A Forest

What does it eat: Seeds

Here's how we made the "masterpiece" above:

We went to the side of the house, under a bush, and dug up a little rectangle of grass for the forest floor.

Then we walked over to the woods behind our house, to find a couple of "trees".

Then we had to make the Parrot ...

Which thanks to the multi colored play dough that our neighbor Mary K let us borrow, and a few strategically placed tooth picks, really wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be.

We made the head, body, wings and tail separately, then used the toothpicks to join the parts together.

After we placed the bird in the box ... along with a couple of eggs to sit on ... all that was left was a little saran wrap around the bottom of the box to help ensure that the "floor" doesn't fall out, all over our floor. :-)

With that, Jasmine's project is ready to bring to to school.

And, I have my picture of the day.

til next time ..



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