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Soles For Souls Shoe Drive

One of the Airmen who works for me at the 3rd Weather Squadron, here at Fort Hood, found out about this charity called Soles for Souls, that donates shoes to people in need. They take everything from brand new shoes, to even those that have been worn for a while. About 3 weeks ago, SrA Wagner put a box in our break room, and made a couple of announcements during Thursday training. I'm not sure, but I think she's taken one box away, and even if she didn't, looking at the picture above, it appears as though we've collected at least a few pairs of nice running shoes.

It's quite possible that many people in our squadron are procrastinators like me, and know they have some shoes/boots that don't get worn any more, but just haven't gotten around to bringing them in to work yet. That's my excuse any way. :-)

I'll definitely be brining a few pairs in to work tomorrow or Thursday.

Even if you're not here at Fort Hood with us, you can still get invol…

Things You Can Do When You're Two

Of the many things that you can pretty much only get away with when you're a toddler, running around naked in the back yard probably ranks pretty high. And as you can see, in todays picture of the day, Jaiden is taking full advantage of the privilege. She mainly gets away with this when I'm around, as mom's a party pooper and makes her wear clothes. ;-)

I think this desire to run around naked probably comes from my side of the family anyway. Not that I personally have any desire to run around without clothes on ... wouldn't want to scare the neighbors or anything. But thinking back, my other kids also had a bit of a phobia about staying dressed when they were this age. Starting with my oldest ...

When Justin was about 2 years old, we lived in Opp Alabama. During that first spring/summer there, Justin would go out in the back yard pretty much every day. He'd go out the sliding back door, head directly over to the other porch, shed all of his clothes, and pro…

Giddy Up Cowgirl

The picture today speaks for itself.

The Soccer Mom's Daughters

Our 2 year old daughter Jaiden, watching her 8 year old sister playing soccer, is my Saturday picture of the day.

Ever since I found out that Jasmine was going to be playing soccer this year, I've been wanting to get out there to take some pictures. Today was the last game of the season, so I made it just in time. I've actually been out there one time before, but it was really hot, and the two younger girls were with me, so we ended up going back to the van after half the game ... and as a result I didn't get many pictures.

Most of the pictures today were also from the 1st half of the game, but Jasmine was pretty involved, and I actually captured several shots of her kicking the ball. I put together a gallery of quickly edited pictures below. I'll probably go back later to see which ones her mom likes best, then do a more thorough processing, print and frame.


After the game, we hit Cici's Pizza for the team trophy presentation.

All in all this has be…

Family Movie Night

No long blog post this evening, as I've just spent the past couple of hours watching a movie with Ana and the kids. Jasmine sat with me through the whole thing. Jaiden might have as well, but she fell asleep around 9:30.

We watched the newest Chronicles of Narnia.

I'm not really a religious kind of guy, but I have to say that I definitely enjoy these movies, and I appreciate the messages that the stories convey.

And on that note, it's off to bed for Mr. Morris.

Til next time ..


All Of Our Flags

While I was gone in Florida, Ana decided to get all proud of her heritage, and go out and get some flags. We currently have three flags flying out in front of our house ...

Ana's Panamanian and Puerto Rican flags.

And the Stars and Stripes for me.

I suppose if we really wanted to get technical, we could probably also pop up a Union Jack for Justin .. since he does have a British birth certificate.

I'm cool with it either way.

I never thought I'd be a "flag person". But I suppose they're kind of cool.

... and it did give me a quick and easy subject for my picture of the day.


I Know Goldfish Don't Live Very Long ...

But, you'd think we'd at least get it home from the store.

Jaiden has been bugging us to get a fish for months now. So today, when they were at Walmart, Ana finally gave in and bought her a $.38 gold fish. She also picked up a small bowl, water conditioner, and some food.

Because they had a few more stops to make, she put the little container with the fish in the cup holder between the seats, so that Jaiden could admire her new prize. As they're driving along, Jaiden is going on and on about her new fish. At one point she suggested that it would be really fun to bring the fish in the bath with her. Of course mommy explained to her why that wouldn't be a good idea .. because the fish would probably die.

Fast forward about 10-15 minutes later ...

The fish was floating at the top of the cup. It died anyway .. with no help from a bathing toddler.

So, it was then time for a bit of "daddy to the rescue".

I got on the Internet, and found a "real" p…

Magnetic Signs For My Car

About a week and a half ago, I saw a good deal on VistaPrint; so decided to get magnetic signs for both Ana's van, and my car; to help spread the word about our home business. I've had magnetic signs on my car in the past .. and they worked well.

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure why we haven't put them back on sooner.

But they're there now. Here's the funny thing about using magnetic car signs to advertise a home based business ... even though I put a phone number and URL on the signs, I really Don't expect some random stranger driving down the road to actually remember our website address and look it up when they get home; or even whip out their cell phone, and give us a call right then (although either could happen).

No, the real value of these signs is as ...


See, we don't believe in "hitting people over the head" with the fact that we have a home business. However, at the same time, it's also one of my mott…

Helping Jasmine Make A Parrot Habitat

One of my major "dad" jobs is helping the kids with school projects. This afternoon, Jasmine and I made a parrot habitat. I'm pretty sure this was her final project for the year. She was excited about it .. it's all she's talked about for the past 3 or 4 days. So finally, this afternoon when I got home from work, we put it together.

We started with a shoe box.

Then she had to decide what sort of creature she wanted to make: A Parrot

What kind of Habitat does it live in: A Forest

What does it eat: Seeds

Here's how we made the "masterpiece" above:

We went to the side of the house, under a bush, and dug up a little rectangle of grass for the forest floor.

Then we walked over to the woods behind our house, to find a couple of "trees".

Then we had to make the Parrot ...

Which thanks to the multi colored play dough that our neighbor Mary K let us borrow, and a few strategically placed tooth picks, really wasn't as hard as I thought it …

My Three Girls

A typical weekend morning in the Morris household.

Three little girls, sitting at the table, eating fruit loops.

And dad, continuing to experiment with the camera on his Nexus S, taking their picture.

I kind of like the way this one came out.

So, it's my picture of the day.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to experience, and record, these little every day memories.


The Pawn Shop Is Expensive

So I stopped into the Action Pawn on South Fort Hood street, here in Killeen, the other day. This was the first time I've been inside a pawn shop in years. Maybe I just had unrealistic expectations or something, but as I was browsing the aisles of merchandise, one thought stuck in my mind ...

Dang, this stuff is way more expensive than I thought it would be.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't think it would be like a yard sale or something. I understand that it's a business, who's goal is to turn a profit. But seriously, most of the camera equipement I saw was nearly as expensive as the brand new version. Same thing with the lawn mowers .. I saw one, that was a "self propelled" .. but the self propel part didn't work .. and it was still $150!

It's probably a good thing that I wasn't actually planning to buy anything. I went in more out of curiosity than anything else. I suppose it was a productive visit in one sense though ... now I know no…

It's Never Too Soon For Potty Training

Potty training can be a stressful time .. for the toddlers trying to learn about "pee pee on the potty!" .. and for the parents who have to clean up after the inevitable accidents. At the moment, the Morris household has about "1 3/8" kids in diapers ...

Jaiden, at two and a half, is pretty quickly getting to the point where she really only needs a diaper at night; although, see does still occasionally ask for one during the day too. And I'd also be fibbing a bit if I didn't tell you that we have to wash several pairs of little panties every day, for those times when she doesn't quite get there. But, for the most part, she's become very good about making it to one of the two little potties in the house (one upstairs, one down).

Now that 1 year old Joey is mobile, she's often present for our little "after potty celebrations"; and takes great pleasure at joining in on the clapping and cheering ... although, I'm quite sure she ha…

Who Wants To Borrow A Candle?

We love introducing new people to our cleaner burning scented candles.

Normally, we do this in one of two ways:

We just sell the candles to people .. whether on our website, at a booth, during one of our carport yard sales, or even straight out of the trunk of our car.

We give candles away .. usually votives, but sometimes a bag of melts, or occasionally a 16oz jar

Recently I was alerted to a third way ...

And it's so obvious, I can't believe we weren't already doing it.

Instead of simply giving the candles away, we're going to start letting people "borrow" them for 3 or 4 days ... maybe we could even call it "taking your scent for a test burn".

Basically, we'll let people choose a candle, or a bag of melts from our shelf. Then arrange to meet with them again in 3 days .. at which point they'll have a couple of choices:

Return the candle to us, with no obligation. (we burn plenty of candles ourselves, so no biggie)
Pay for the candle, and keep e…

Saving Money On My T-Mobile Bill

Wow, that was easy!

So I've been a t-mobile customer for a little over 6 years now. And even more amazingly, I think I've had the same 1000 minute family plan for almost that entire time. Recently, I decided it was time to make a few changes to the communications set-up here in the Morris household.

Ironically, this decision was driven primarily by a dramatic rise in my monthly Time Warner Cable bill .. not really anything to do with my T-Mobile phone service. We started out with one of those bundles, that give you TV/Internet/Phone for one low price .. and of course you don't pay attention to the fine print that tells you what the monthly charge will really be once the promotion ends.

The gist of it is, I decided to ditch the VOIP phone service from the cable company; so I needed to look into increasing the amount of shared minutes on our family cell phone plan.

This morning, (after I cleaned up the house a bit .. being mother's day and all) I pulled out my trusty …

Not Driving Drunk

It was a night of good decisions in the Morris household.

My 18 year old son Justin and a couple of his friends decided at the last minute that they really were gonna go to prom. So they got dressed up in their fancy duds, figured out how they were getting there, posed for the obligatory picture, and off they went.

Earlier in the day, Justin had gotten my standard "dad speech" that he's been hearing with an increasing degree of frequency lately ...

Don't get in any of your friend's cars if they've been drinking. Call me, I'll come get you, blah, blah, blah, more useless dad advice, etc,..

So at about 2:45am, I get a phone call from Justin telling me that his friend who drove might have had a few beers, and wouldn't listen to them when they said he shouldn't drive. So Justin and one of his other friends, were at McDonalds by the school, and could I please come pick them up?

Holy Crap! .. the boy actually does listen to me from time to time ;-)

I …