Making A Recycle-Bot For Earth Day

recycle bot

One of Jasmine's school assignments this week was to make a Recycle Bot in celebration of Earth Day. As the resident dad, it fell to me to help her with her creation.

Upon finding the instructions, it turned out to be pretty easy, as there were only a few rules:

  1. Has to be made completely from recyclable material

  2. No Glass allowed (due to safety concerns)

  3. Can be Sitting or Standing, but no taller than 3 feet

  4. Can Not have any type of working electronics

  5. RecycleBot should be student created .. with "guidance" from parents

Here's how Jasmine made her's ...

  • The body is made from the box that she just got in the mail.

  • The eyes are the lids from Joey's baby food

  • The nose, mouth, and pretty much all the "joints" were made with "100mph tape" (I hope that's recyclable)

  • Water bottles for the arms

  • The wheels/feet were originally just going to be 2 diet dew cans, but then she added a long skinny Red Bull can for balance

  • Finally a couple of plastic bags for the hair

I like the way it turned out. And if I'd taken a better picture, you'd be able to see the huge smile on Jasmine's face too ... she's obviously proud of the job she did.

So what are you, or your kids doing to celebrate Earth Day this year?



  1. She sure does look happy Todd, and I reckon you got a lot out of helping her too.

    Nope, didn't even know about Earth Day before this post, plus my kids are too old to do this sort of stuff.

  2. Oh yea, it was definitely good fun. Of course, the hardest part was not violating rule #5. It's a good thing I was here. If not, Jasmine would have had a much prettier project .. which she would have watched her mom make for her :-D

  3. No. 5? Nah, for me no.4 would be the problem. Man these teachers sure know how to take the fun out of helping the kids. The stuff wasn't around when we were kids and now that it is we're not allowed to use it :D


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