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Apparently It's Nearly Impossible To Over-Cook A Hard Boiled Egg

As if I needed another reason to believe that the egg is an almost perfect food ... So last night, I'm getting ready to boil the eggs that we were planning to color this morning. I find the nice big pot, fill it up almost to the top with water (this detail will become important later), turn on the burner, place the eggs in, head over to my computer, put on my headphones, and fire up a video on Amazon Prime. ... and in the process, Totally Forget About The Eggs !!! Ana came home from a late night Wally World run about an hour later. It was at this point that I was "alerted" to my oversight. The water had boiled down from a full 5 1/2 quarts, to about an inch in the bottom of the pot. Amazingly, only one of the eggs had cracked, so I put em in a bowl and stuck em in the fridge. We ended up coloring the eggs this morning .. the picture above is part of the result. But then ... Just for kicks, I decided to try one of the "75 minute" boiled eggs, just to see how