I Didn't Even Know They Had Armadillos In Florida

I suppose it shouldn't be a big surprise, as I remember them being all over the place in Alabama, and of course we have lots of armadillos in Texas, but this is the first one I've seen here in Florida:

florida armadillo

This little guy (I'm assuming it's a guy anyway) was the highlight of my little 25 minute "nature walk" this evening. There's a little pond, and some woods across the street from my room. Since I hadn't used my camera for about a week, I decided to take a little journey to see what I could see. Unfortunately, right up until almost the end of my walk, pretty much all I saw was dragon flies (which I've taken pictures of on previous nature walks):

blue dragon flies on a pond

At one point, I even stopped to photograph an ant hill (I can see my wife Ana rolling her eyes now .. lol):

red ant hill

Not sure what I was thinking with that one.

Anyhow, I guess I can consider this a "successful" picture taking expedition ... seeing as how I'm able to write this blog post and share a few. Who knows, maybe I'll even be inspired to start taking out my camera more often again. :-)

Catch you next time ...



  1. What an amazing animal! I can't believe you could see it just by walking outside your place. Great pictures.

  2. My dad's parents lived in Alabama and I remember seeing one of those once when I was little and wondering what the heck it was. We don't have anything like that here in Chicago (except for at the zoo). I haven't been to Alabama in probably 30 years. My husband and I were in Florida about 7 years ago and I was surprised that I found myself actually a little scared of the wildlife down there. You hear stories of alligators at every corner. LOL Those little green lizards that are everywhere are pretty cute, though.

  3. I just spent 2 1/2 months down in Florida .. you're right some of the wildlife can be a bit scary .. the cotton mouth snakes come to mind. Dangerous or not, I'm just happy to have something to take pictures of.

    I've only been through Chicago once (and didn't have my camera). It was an "unintentional" trip. I was heading back to Scott AFB (near St. Louis) after visiting my older kids, who lived in Michigan at the time, when I made a wrong turn in northern Indiana. I went over a big bridge, drove past U.S. Cellular field, and ended up right smack in the middle of the city, at about about 2pm on a Tuesday. Needless to say, that added a good copule of hours to my trip ;-)


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