Green Anole Lizard On Sand

green anole lizard on sand picture

The green anole is one of the most common lizards down here in Florida. They're literally all over the place, and you can see them pretty much every day during the warmer months. Most of the times, they'll be in a bush, a tree, sitting on a ledge, or climbing up a wall. This little guy was actually on the sidewalk outside my room. However, that wasn't a very dramatic scene for a picture .. so I scooped him up, took him over to the volleyball court, got down in the prone position, and snapped off a few shots with the my Canon 20D w/ 70-200 F4L lens.

The result is this kind of cool, "green lizard in a desert" sort of scene. (you can view it a bit larger by clicking the image to open a lightbox)

The green (or Carolina) anole is also quite common back in Texas, so I'm sure this won't be the last picture I ever take of this little reptile. Although, it'll definitely be out "in the wild", as my wife Ana has already made it very clear that we will never be able to have a lizard or snake as a pet. Darn! ;-)

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  1. I just wrote a story and posted a video about the Green Anole. They are amazing creatures. Thanks for your article and that great picture.


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