Fire Season In Florida

After a very dry winter, and with a bit of recent warm weather here in North-East Florida, wild fire season has arrived. I actually took this picture a couple of weeks ago, in early March, but the fire threat has definitely not subsided since then. At the time there were actually a couple of very large and out of control fires down to the South East of us ... in Duval county. This particular fire, was most likely a controlled burn ... we later learned, when we went out the range where it took place. Even so, 4 days later, there were still smoldering logs.

While I'm definitely not a fan of fires, as a photographer, I definitely appreciated the beauty of it ... from a distance of course. The contrasting colors were pretty intense, and I liked the way the heat and smoke, combined with the moisture in the air formed a cumulus cloud above the fire. Here's another shot:

Apparently, leaving Florida in a couple of weeks, will not get me away from wild fires. Not surprisingly, it's also fire season in Texas. In fact, they've already had a couple of fires right there near our house at Fort Hood. My son Justin was just telling me the other day that he witnessed a couple of kids running away after starting a fire in the woods. He did the right thing, and waited for the police and fire department to show up ... and was rewarded by getting questioned and searched himself. In the end, I think they ended up catching the little punks ... but not sure if Justin will be all that willing of a witness next time he's sees something like this take place. ;-)



  1. I’ve seen photos somehow the same scenario but your shots look like they’re live. The smoke seems like the clouds already. Here in my country, fire scenarios have always been part of the news. Sadly there are always lives taken away. We have our fire prevention month but I guess it should be happening every month. Anyway, I really love your shots. You’re good photographer!


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