Blowing Up Live Hand Grenades

Today at Camp Blanding's BWMQT class we went out to the range for the student's favorite day ... Hand Grenades.

In addition to getting some really good training earlier in the day throwing little "popper" simulation grenades on a course that measured various skills; each student also got to throw 3 or 4 live hand grenades. Here's a quick video of one of the pits "in action" ...


This is the first class in a while that's gotten to use the real live grenades, as we had a couple of "duds" a few months back ... resulting in everybody having to sit around for a couple of hours waiting for EOD to come clear the range.

This current batch was deemed to be usable. However, I have to admit to still being slightly surprised that we got through it, as these grenades are older than me ... they were manufactured in 1968.

Til next time ...



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