Amp Lemonade - My New Favorite Caffeine Source

Amp sugar-free lightning lemonade

Those who know me, are well aware of my Diet Mtn Dew "addiction". Well lately I've added a new drink into the mix. Lightning Lemonade from Amp (Amp is basically the "energy drink cousin" to Mtn Dew). I seriously doubt I'll ever stop drinking Dew, but in my never ending quest to try to cut down to 1 caffeinated drink per day, I think I might have an easier time with this sugar-free lemonade.

I found this drink pretty much by accident. We walked into the little PX here on Camp Blanding, and as I was looking through the drink cooler, I spied an unfamiliar can. I've had Amp before .. usually the sugar-free one that comes in the green can .. but I've always still preferred the taste of Diet Dew. I suspected that this one could be different, as I'm a sucker for Lemonade. Not that I'm eager to trade in my "man card" or anything, but on those rare occasions when I drink alcohol, Mike's Hard Lemonade, is probably one of my favorites too. Anyway, back to the story ...

I can tell you one thing that this drink has in common with Diet Dew ... the store has already run out of it for almost a week, once since we've been here. Of course they still had a whole shelf full of the "with sugar" version. I see this a lot at home. The cooler at the shoppette will have 2 or 3 rows full of regular 20oz Mtn Dew, and the Diet row will be empty. It was like that in Hawaii too. Don't the distributors pay attention to what sells out? You would think that after a time or two of finding that all of the diet drinks sold out, they would start bringing more??? lol, ok end of mini-rant.

Actually I may have more than a mini-rant in 2 weeks, if I get back to Fort Hood, and can't find these at all. That would totally ruin my breakfast menu ...

Sugar-free Amp Lightning Lemonade, and a Chocolate Chip CLIF Bar ;-)

Keep havin FuN!


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