Blowing Up Claymores At Camp Blanding

Today was the class that I'm facilitating for's first range day. They got to shoot a .50 caliber machine gun, a MK 19 grenade launcher, and set off 6 Claymore mines. My coworker and I had to haul all that ammo out there this morning and get things set up ... note: boxes of .50 cal ammo are HEAVY!

After that, I had time to take a few pictures. Unfortunately, it was a bit cold and rainy today, so I only took a few (think they came out relatively cool though). I'll have a couple more chances while I'm down here to get out to this range. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these ...

The Airman work in small 3-4 person teams to set up the claymore mine:

Boom! Two mines explode as the teams hide safely behind a sandbag barricade:

Scoping out the aftermath of the detonation. Lots of little holes in these targets.

Finally, I didn't spend a lot of time taking pictures of the machine gun firing, but I did think this one of the .50 cal muzzle flash was pretty cool:

That's about all I've got for today, but I'll be down here for a couple of months, so if you like pictures of military type stuff, I'm sure you'll see at least a few more before I leave.

Keep havin FuN!


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