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Healthy Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipes

I love my strawberry banana smoothies. Ever since I restarted the Abs Diet again, I've been making smoothies almost every day ... and almost every smoothie I make has both strawberries and bananas in them. I guess you could call these two fruits my "smoothie base". Now I have already posted some of my daily creations on my facebook page , but I thought it might also be nice to also archive them here ... both for you to use, and for me to refer back to later if I feel like a want a bit of variety. So without further adieu, here are a few of my personal smoothie recipes: Basic Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothie Frozen Strawberries (6-8) Medium Bananas (1 or 2) Plain or Low-fat Vanilla Yogurt (1/4 cup) Vanilla Protein Powder (3/4 to 1 scoop) Ground Flax Seed (1 Tbsp) Milk 1% (1-2 cups) Ice Cubes (3-5) Put it all in the Vitamix and blend for about 90 seconds. Should make two servings .. one for now, one for a snack later. mmmm, good :-) Banana Split Sm

Are Your Goals Outrageous Enough?

If not, you're probably selling yourself short. But, Why would I want to set Outrageous goals ??? Simple ... Because you just might get whatever it is that you ask for! And on that note, I could probably just end this post right now. But I won't ... Here's a quick story that recently happened at work. I'm going to start with the ending first; I know, I know, ruins the suspense, but oh well. Back in November, the 3rd Weather Squadron here at Fort Hood Texas had our biennial inspection, called the SEPWO. We scored a perfect 100%. That never happens in Air Force Weather ... ok, apparently it's happened one other time ... but it's not something you'd Expect to happen in a squadron our size. Rewind about 5 or 6 months. Earlier this summer, we had a new commander come in. Obviously he was aware of the upcoming inspection, and within a couple of days of his arrival; at his first commander's call; we were All made aware of the fact that he was aware ... He t

The Cookie Princess

Jaiden's got an entire toy box full of fun "dress up" items. Every morning when she comes down stairs, that's almost the first place she heads. It's like she can't start her day right without her dress, crown and shoes. And today the cookies just made it even better .. I had to get a picture. :-) [todd-sig]