Why Do Kids Love McDonalds So Much?


Justin works at McDonalds.  Every Sunday he is on an 11am to 7pm shift.  Since I have to drive him anyway, it's become kind of a habit for the girls and I to spend a couple of hours every Sunday at the Micky D's Play Place. (Note: it's a nice indoor one here in Killeen). For Jaiden and Jasmine, this is usually one of the highlights of their week.

It's hardly suprising to me.  McDonalds, especially the Play Land, has pretty much been a Morris family "tradition" for as long as I can remember. 

When Justin, Haley were little, their mom worked at the McDonalds in Opp, Alabama.  I would bring a book, buy a large Diet Coke, and sit at a table with baby Haley, while Justin played .. sometimes for hours.  I suppose playland was sort of "daddy's babysitting helper".

Even at that young age (2-3 yrs) Justin knew exactly where we were.  It got to the point, where even when we were travelling, he could spot the golden arches from about a mile out.  Seriously, we'd be driving down the road, and from the back seat would eminate a piercing scream: "DONALDS !!!!!"  .. and sure enough, right around the next bend we'd be greeted by that familliar yellow M.

Now I've seen no evidence that love of a particular fast food restaurant might be hereditary.  That said, I do have some relevant memories from my own childhood.  When I was little, eating out was a treat.  We went maybe once or twice or a month.  Apparently these bi-monthly events had quite an impact on me.  When I was 6 or 7 years old, whenever somebody would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would tell them "Truck Driver" ...

Here's the thing though; I had no particular affinity for trucks, or driving.  I just figured that if I was a truck driver, I'd be able to eat at McDonalds Every Single Day!  :-)

Hope you have a FuN rest of the weekend!



  1. Hahaha :) Really amazing and different point of view. Loved the way u present ur tots across the blog. Do keep writing :)

  2. Oh McDonald's, you're so bad but yet soo good! On a less loving note, the BigMac has definitely shrinked in size since I was a child.


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