The Repurposed Candle

Tonight, I am thankful for my creativity.

That glob of wax you see burning in the picture above used to be one of our Mia Bella 16oz jar candles.

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to have another yard sale, and whenever we have a yard sale, we always have a table of candles set up too. We had a good day. Sold some of our "junk", and a few candles. Well, in the afternoon when it was time to clean up, we were hauling stuff inside to put it back in the closet, when 2 year old Jaiden decided that she wanted to "help" ...

Not surprisingly, she promptly dropped a couple of jars right there on the driveway. Fortunately nobody was hurt. However, a couple of the candles did get nice big crack in their jars ... woops, we won't be selling those.

My first impulse was to just throw those jars away. Then I got an idea ...

I took both of the damaged candles over to the trash can, but instead of throwing them away, I used the curb near the trash can to break away the rest of the glass (lightly tapped to get more cracks, then peeled remaining glass away). I ended up with what was essentially a giant sized votive.

Ana found a bowl, plopped one of the candles in, and lit it up. We've been burning it on and off, almost every day since.

It's really not that big a deal. We've got a bunch a of candles on our shelf, so it wouldn't have been a big stress to just throw the broken ones away. But for some reason, I have a strange sense of pride about seeing the "dead" candle continuing to burn.

Sometimes it only takes something small to make us happy ... today was one of those days.



  1. Waste not want not hey Todd? ;)

    Honestly though you did the right thing by not throwing it away. I'm a little that way myself. When doing maintenance around the home I always look for things that I can use before going out and buying stuff. Saves a lot of money as recycling also saves the environment.

    That photo almost looks like something left over from Halloween.

  2. lol ... you're right .. that would have worked very well sitting out on the front porch at Halloween :-)

  3. Awww darn, I wish I had thought of that or at least had asked you about it before we tossed out the cracked candle jar we had. Oh well, live and learn and now I know better. You're a genius! :)

  4. Hi Lin,

    Yea I know .. I'm sorry I hadn't thought of it sooner too ... would have been nice to "save" yours as well. You're right though .. at least we know now .. should there ever be a "next time" ;-)


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