Spoon Feeding Baby

At 7 1/2 months, it's time for baby Joey to start taking her meals sitting down, from a spoon.

Apparently, earlier, while taking her afternoon meal; in the manner to which she's been accustomed since she joined us in April; someone almost got dropped on the floor. I didn't catch all the details, but something about "those darn teeth", "ouch", and "that was the last time".

So, as of today, no more "boobie" (or breast feeding for you formal types) for baby Joey.

From now on, she's gonna be a high chair and little plastic spoon kinda girl during the day. And a baby milkshake fan at night.

So far she seems to be taking pretty good to both the spoon and the chair. But to be honest, it's hardly surprising to me. After all, she does have a couple of big sisters who are only too willing to teach her everything they know ;-)

Keep havin FuN!


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