Replacing My Blog's Comments With Facebook Comments

I'm going to try a little experiment here on this blog ...

As of today, I will not be utilizing the wordpress commenting system. I've disabled new comments on all posts older that 1 day, and on any new posts, there won't even be a comment box down there.

Instead, I'm going to use facebook comments. If you're not logged in to facebook, it will look something like this:

If you are logged in, you can just scroll down the bottom to see what it looks like.

So why am I doing this?

Glad you asked ...

Here's the thing, this is a personal blog. Most of the people who regularly comment on my posts are either already my facebook friends; or at the very least, they're people I wouldn't mind becoming facebook friends with. In addition, since I already share all of my posts on my FB wall, many times that's where people leave comments about my blog posts anyway.

So I figured I might as well make it easy for all of you. ;-)

Now instead of separate "like" and "share" buttons, if you want to "like" my post, the button is right there below my signature, at the end of every article. If you have a few thoughts to share, there's a hand little space where you can type away to your heart's content. And, if you really liked what you read, you can even check the little box so that your comment (and a link back to my post) show up right there on Your own FB wall, for all of Your friends to see too.

I'm hoping this will allow me to have better interaction with my existing FB friends ... and also give me the opportunity to meet even more interesting, and like minded people ... heck, if you're commenting on my blog posts, it's quite possible we have some things in common .. what better way to find out for sure than to head on over to your facebook profile to see what your interests are.

One other potential benefit I see from this ...

I expect that Comment Spam will become virtually non-existent here at Somehow, someway, I still show up on a few of those silly "do follow" blog lists; that invite people to stop by my blog and leave a "comment" that usually has nothing to do with the post, and is really just an excuse to drop a link back to whatever website they happen to be promoting.

I guess it's still possible to "spam" a facebook comment thread ... but the fact that it's not anonymous should provide enough discouragement that I don't expect to be spending too much time moderating.

So what do you think ...

Is this a good idea for The Todd Morris Blog?

Would you consider replacing the wordpress commenting system with facebook comments on your own blog?

Feel free to opine below ...



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