Hunting the Good Stuff with a Picture a Day ...

Last year, I made a valiant attempt to participate in Project365. It's a flickr group where you agree to post 1 picture a day for an entire year. I made it all the way until June (which is longer than I expected). It was a lot of fun, especially when I was in Iraq, to bring my camera with me every day and take a picture of something interesting. I kind of petered out on it once I got back home, and didn't have as much time to process images, and write blog posts in the evenings. Even so, all-in-all, it was a very positive experience.

So ...

I'm going to try to do a Picture a Day project again for 2011.

But with a twist ...

My picture a day, will also be my "hunt the good stuff".

Every single day in 2011, I'm going to post a picture of, and maybe write a few lines about, something I appreciate, something I'm thankful for, or maybe even something that's just plain "good".

I'm going to hold myself to very few "rules" ... other than doing it at least once a day.

If I have the opportunity to take my Canon dSLR out with me that day, then I'll try to post up some "pretty" pictures. But I'm not going to be tied to the camera. I strongly suspect that quite a few of my daily pictures are going to be snapshots captured with my Android phone ... but that's ok.

There may be some days where I can sit down and write a 500 word post to go along with the picture. Then, there'll also be days where I either just don't have time, or where the picture just speaks for itself.

Either way, the true purpose of the project this year will be to help me make sure I have an entire year of exercising the habit of appreciation; every single day.

If you've got a blog, or even if you just want to post pictures/thoughts to your facebook page every day, let me know ... maybe we can form up a "good stuff" group or something ... to support each other.

Should be FuN! ... lol, and now that I've written about it, I'm not even sure I'll be able to wait until January 1st to start :-)



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