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Are Fried Egg Sandwiches The Perfect Meal?

It's cheap, it's quick, and it's easy to make. From a guy's perspective, those are pretty much the criteria for a "perfect" meal. Just sayin' ;-) Seriously though, I love fried egg sandwiches. I make them in the morning when I don't have PT (not fun to run on a full stomach). I sometimes make them as a nice late night snack. And every once in a while, we even have fried egg sandwiches for dinner ... on those nights, I could probably write a whole separate blog post entitled: "how to feed a family of 7 for about $4". The version of the sandwich that I've been eating lately, I discovered sort of by accident, when I couldn't find the ham in the fridge on day. And because I sometimes like to share "recipes" here on the blog ... INGREDIENTS: 2 Eggs 4 pieces of bread Butter or Margarine 2 slices of roast beef shredded mozzarella cheese STEPS: Heat up the pan, and spray generously with PAM Put bread in toaster (

Three Books That Helped Me Learn To Play Better Poker

I've been playing poker for something like 7 or 8 years now. Back when I was first learning, we didn't have cool programs like the poker training network; so I turned to books as a way to increase my knowledge, and improve my game. Here are three books that I found particularly helpful: Small Stakes Hold 'em Winning Big With Expert Play Widgets This was one of the first poker books that I ever bought. And as it turned out, it wasn't even about the game I was trying to learn. I was playing no limit Texas Hold 'em, and this was a book about Limit Texas Hold 'em. None-the-less, I learned some very valuable lessons from this book .. the most important of which was when the "light bulb" went on for me ... Poker is about MATH My approach to the game has been entirely different ever since the day I came to that realization. I would highly recommend this as the first book someone new to poker should consider purchasing. And actually, along thos