Off to the City of Brothery Love

Well I'm on the road again early tomorrow morning. This time, I get to spend two weeks in Philadelphia attending the Army Master Resilience training course. It was kind of short notice, I just found out about it on Thursday ... but this sort of thing sounds right up my alley anyway ... plus if I've ever been to Philadelphia before, it had to have been when I was a kid ... and I don't remember it.

I'm bringing a laptop with me, and the hotel is supposed to have Internet (unlike my trip to FL last month). If the class is interesting, and/or I get out to see some of the landmarks in the area, I'll try to make posts here on the blog as often as I can. I think I'm not going to bring my "big" camera with me. It's such as hassle to lug the camera and lenses on an airplane, so I think I'll just try to make due with my phone ... should I encounter anything picture worthy.

I've already been told that one thing I definitely have to do while I'm there, is check out this Philly Cheesesteak war:


Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend ... be chatting with you again real soon.



  1. Aloha, Todd! There is an article about this course that I just read in Stars and Stripes last week. It sounds fantastic.

  2. Hi JL,

    Yes, I expect it to be a good course. If I can motivate myself in the evenings, I'll try to blog about what I'm learning each day :-)


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