Hunt The Good Stuff

So I've finished 4 days of the Master Resilience Training here in Philadelphia. One more day as a "student", then on Saturday we start learning how to teach it to our guys back home. I had intended to do some blogging about the things I'm learning in the course .. but upon reflection, this is probably not something that would convey well just by reading it on a blog (plus the course is actually copyrighted by University of Pennsylvania).

So, I won't be making daily blog posts this subject.

That said, I did have something that I wanted to share, and it's really kind of in line with things I've already talked about here in the past. It's called Hunt the Good Stuff. And basically all it is is at the end of every day, you have to write down (physically on paper with a pen) 3 good things that happened to you that day; and with each, a sentence or two of reflection (why did this good thing happen? .. What this good thing means to you .. What you can do tomorrow to enable more of this good thing .. What ways you or others contribute to this good thing)

Doing this exercise over time will help you to build your appreciation/gratitude and optimism ... and help to counteract our natural human tendency to spend more time focusing on the negative things that happen. I was even told that doing this right before bed can help you sleep better (because your mind is thinking about "good stuff". It's only been a couple of nights, and it may just be because of my comfy hotel bed, but I've been getting a nice restful 8 hours since I've been here. ;-)

Keep havin FuN!

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