Texas Spiny Lizard

My wife Ana was over at our neighbor's house this morning, when they called me to come "rescue" them from this little Texas spiny lizard.

It turns out that it was the lizard that needed rescuing.

Apparently Mary Kay's cats had captured the lizard, and brought it into the house. It was obviously injured, but still alive. So I picked up and brought it over to my front yard.

... where of course, I had to take a few pictures. ;-)

I left the lizard out in the yard afterwards, figuring that he'd figure out on his own where he wanted to go.

A little while later, I was going to show Jaiden the lizards, so we went outside, but he was already gone. I thought the story would have a happy ending ... if the lizard was well enough to go hide, that seemed like a good sign.

Until a couple minutes later when Mary Kay knocked on the door.

Apparently the cats had come across the street to my yard, retrieved "their lizard", and were now playing with it in her back yard. So I went and rescued him again.

He's now out in my back yard, in the kids play house ... hopefully he can avoid cats until he has a chance to recover.

He was well still well enough to defend himself, when the cats got him this last time though. When I picked him up this time, he had cat hair in his mouth!

If you look real close at the left side of his mouth in the picture below, you can see the hair. You can also see on his back, where he was injured.

I'll check again later this afternoon. I expect the lizard will be gone again ... hopefully of it's own choice this time. ;-)



  1. I see you too are the hero of the house. We have four girls and one of us is always calling my hubby to come save us from spiders and any other bug we see!

  2. Hi Shannon,

    Yes, I don't mind being the "hero" from time to time ... lol. BTW, those pumpkin carving patterns look like a very good idea, we might have to try one of those this year .. thanks.


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