My Feet Quack Me Up

Ok, that's probably not exactly what baby Joey was thinking as we went for a family walk around the neighborhood tonight ... but you gotta admit, it makes for a better headline than "We Went for a Walk" ;-)

It was just an idea to get me up off the computer, and Ana a little bit of exercise. So after dinner, we grabbed a stroller, Jas and Jaiden put on some shoes, and off we went to enjoy the nice cool fall evening. Along the way, we picked up our neighbor and his dog ... who's lease Jaiden got to hold.

A fun time was had by all. Including daddy, who got to take a few pictures :-)

We might just have to make this more of a regular event!



  1. You will be so happy to have these pics in coming years.

    Love those everyday moments!

  2. hey thats great.. my father was also in Air Force.. he got retirement last month.. u published sucha cute pictorial post.. i liked it.. you gonna miss all sooner or later as memories are always precious :) wish you luck for that!!


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