Do You Believe in the Butterfly Effect?


Ok, I'll admit the main reason for this post is so that I could share the picture of the Monarch butterfly that landed in our front yard the other day. ;-)

But, it also gives me a chance to talk a bit about the idea that even little tiny changes in our thoughts and attitudes can potentially produce significant differences in the kind of results we get out of life.

Kind of my "positive mindset spin" on the butterfly effect

Napoleon Hill said: "Thoughts are Things"

Every physical thing you see in this world, started as an idea/thought in somebody's mind.

Some people say that our thoughts actually attract things into our lives. And even deeper, the type of thoughts that we have attract like situations and thoughts.

Here's an example you can run on yourself to see what I mean ...

Ever been having a really bad day .. to the point where you can't concentrate on anything else .. and things just seem to be getting worse and worse? And when you ask yourself, what else could possibly go wrong? ... something else inevitably does.

On the flip side, ever notice how most of our best "happy coincidences" usually happen when we've already been having a "good day".

What if our thoughts have something to do with this?

What if thinking good and happy thoughts, actually attracts good and happy things into our lives?

And here's where the butterfly effect comes in ...

What if the thoughts we have right now; which drive the decisions we make today; have impacts that propagate far into our future?

What if even something so seemingly small as the difference between whether we're walking around with a scowl on our face, angry at someone or something, for whatever injustice has been hoisted upon us Today; or whether we've decided to smile and laugh and focus on what's going right for us just Now; could be in some way responsible for where we'll living, or what we'll be doing 5 or 10 years from now?

Now, it's possible that all of this may strike you as just a bunch of hooey pooey.

But why risk it? What if I'm right?

So next time you've got the choice (and btw you always have a choice) to be angry, stressed out, pissed off, etc,. .... Or .... positive, happy, friendly and uplifting, you get the idea ...

Why in the world would you not put a smile on your face?

... just in case. ;-)

Keep havin FuN!

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