Back to Camp Blanding Florida

Last summer I spent 5 fun-filled weeks at Camp Blanding Florida doing some predeployment training. Tomorrow morning, I'm going back again ... but this time just for 10 days; and as a facilitator instead of as a trainee. I'm thinking I'll enjoy this next week a bit better than last time.

Anyhow, I also remembered that I never posted any of the pictures that I took last time here on the blog. So, here's a few shots of some of the things that Air Force weather guys, getting trained by Army Infantry soldiers get to experience:

As you can probably guess, we shot a lot of weapons.

machine gun training

50 caliber

poser with a gun

We also had the chance to throw some hand grenades:
grenade throwing practice

grenade pit

exploding grenade

I probably should have posted this first, but we did also get a whole week or Combat Life Saver training. We were actually the last class that got to do IVs (they don't teach it any more):
bleeding IV needle

When we weren't shooting, or blowing things up or sticking each other with needles, we did a lot of hiking through the woods. Which means we got up close an personal with a few of these guys:
banana spider

I was in training last time, so I didn't really take many pictures. I'm considering taking my camera with my again tomorrow, so I may have a few more to share when I get home.

That said, the Internet and phone situation was pretty bad last time I was there ... and not sure how much it's improved since ... so, I may or may not be posting here and on facebook for the next 10 days or so. lol, as if you'll miss me :-)



  1. that's a nice adventurous post.. liked it.. so want to go to places like that.. i don't know why all the pretty places are under Army , Air Force or Navy.. so you have enjoyed a lot i guess!


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